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The present invention discloses a method of treating sewage and sewage effluent involving hydrous pyrolysis, more particularly, effective replacement of existing septic tank by employing hydrous pyrolysis in onsite sewage treatment system in real time, comprising, a pre-storage tank [100], a hydrous pyrolysis chamber [200], a water storage chamber [300], a nichrome rod [201] and a trans pipe [202]. The said improved sewage treatment system as a replacement to the existing septic tank and ensure conserving water. The efficiency of said hydrous pyrolysis constituted sewage treatment system is demonstrated in the manner of establishing with two chambers, the characteristics of resultant recycled water quality is analyzed.


The present invention as herein described relates to a hydrous pyrolysis constituted sewage treatment system, more particularly replacing conventional water treatment system employing hydrous pyrolysis. The effectiveness of pyrolysis in the existing sewage treatment and recycling is analysed by arranging two chambers, one being made of regular metal as container and the other by means of clay as a pot. The sewage and sullage samples are allowed to heat in the first container by inserting a heater and sealed completely; a small pipe of diameter of half inch is made to connect pot and the container; the said pot also sealed completely. Due from heat in first chamber; steam is produced and allowed to pass through the connecting pipe and stored in the pot chamber, and allowed to condense; results water which is collected from the pot chamber, and taken for the water quality analysis. The water quality characteristics considered for the analysis are, odour, colour, floatables, turbidity, alkalinity and pH.

Country : INDIA

Patent Reference Number : 202041029697

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