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The present invention relates generally to the field of air pollution monitoring system, particularly to vehicle pollution monitoring system which is monitored through an attached device along with exhaust system of two stroke and four stroke vehicles, comprising: a plurality of air pollutant measuring sensors to measure the air quality related parameters, and a central device wirelessly coupled to the remote center placed in pollution control board configured to receive the measured quality related parameters data from the sensors, and process the measured quality related parameters data to generate an alert text message or alert notification in website; upon receiving the alert message, the ignition unit of vehicle will be stopped from remote location by the privileged central pollution control authority in the manner when the particular vehicle exhaust pollutant gaseous substances are higher than permissible.


The Pollution quantifiable meter that will adjust the highlights of estimating the contamination from the vehicles as often as possible. When the vehicle outflow is high the automobilist can't begin the vehicle except if the vehicle gets the Pollution Under Control (PUC) authentication to check whether the vehicle is reasonable to be on streets. The vehicle start control can be gotten to just by the Government.The overall outcome will leads to a pollution less environment with an effective increase in the efficiency of vehicles.

Country : India

Patent Reference Number : 202041018449

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