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The present invention relates to a system and method of providing safety to woman, more particularly, a wearable gauntlet provisioned with multiple safety aiding tools autonomously activated in a simultaneous manner to ensure the safety of woman under distress situation, comprising a wristband elastic [100]; a central microcontroller [300]; a triggering device; a video recording device; a location tracking device; a battery [500]; and an internet server [600]; the said triggering device activates sequential safety tools in the order of, raising a high-decibel alarm, ejecting self-protective tool from sheath and sprays the nonpoisonous, mild anesthetic gas when heart-rate sensing device measures the classified abnormal values; the said video recording device forwards the recorded video information to the said internet server [600], wirelessly; the said location tracking device automatically forwards the location information in the form of text message to the registered mobile phone communication device. Fig. 1


The present invention as herein described a system and method of providing safety to the women based on the wearable gauntlet that features the intervention before the occurrence of crimes, by employing various components and sequential operations.

Country : INDIA

Patent Reference Number : 202041030798

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