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The present invention relates to a hybrid brick dryer constituted by solar collector and waste gas, more particularly, method of drying bricks by means of simple, efficient and affordable green technology in real time, effectively, comprising: a boiler [100], a heat exchanger [200], a drying chamber [400], a solar collector [300] and a water tank [500]. The said method of producing bricks uses an environmentally friendly and affordable hybrid dryer. The said invention discloses is a combination of waste heat recovering system [200] equipped with an auxiliary solar parabolic trough concentrator [300] with evacuated water tubes; the usage of fly ash as a new material and method of producing bricks reduce carbon-di-oxide emissions.


The present invention as herein described relates to a hybrid dryer waste gas and solar collector supported drying bricks, more particularly environmentally friendly and affordable method of producing bricks. In a scenario, waste-heat extracted in the exhaust gas of various processes or even from the exhaust stream of a cooking boiler unit [100] used to preheat the incoming gas. Hence, waste heat is recovered and used in other application. Due from Carnot efficiency is low waste heat of medium, for an instance, between 120 and 650 C, thus, not very effective in electricity generation or mechanical related work through capturing processes.

Country : INDIA

Patent Reference Number : 202041029599

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