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As a human being, we express different emotions in our day to life like happiness, anger, fear, sorrow and etc., These conditions are recognized by the people near by us through facial expressions, the loudness of our voice and the words that are uttered. Emotional intelligence means that the emotions expressed by us are recognized by a computing system. A visually challenged person he/she canít understand the emotions made by us through visual information. This system, with the help of emotional intelligence, alerts the visually challenged person when he/she is under a threat.


The system consists of an imaging camera device that captures the environment in and around the visually challenged person. The captured person and/or persons, If carries a stick or any sharp tool and intended to attack the visually challenged person, the system understands and alerts through an alarm device. The Raspberry pi is programmed with emotional intelligence algorithm that detects the facial expressions of the person and tries to identify the intentions of the person. The respective information will be made as speech and communicated to the visually challenged person through his/her ear phone. Also, the alert message through GSM modem to the care takerís mobile phone. The system also has another feature of capturing the moments in all directions. The proposed system is to made as a wearable head band or to be integrated with an eye glass. The system has a viewing angle of 360o.

Country : INDIA

Patent Reference Number : 201841043693

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