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A method for monitoring and alerting a user, while the user practices a yoga posture is disclosed. The method includes attaching a plurality of wearable sensor nodes to a corresponding plurality of user body parts, each wearable sensor node being configured to measure and transmit respective muscle strain level during the yoga posture; providing a wearable cognitive relay device to the user, wherein the wearable cognitive relay device is worn by the user to wirelessly receive measured data from each wearable sensor node, and transmit the received data; and providing a destination node that is wirelessly coupled to the wearable cognitive relay device, wherein the destination node is configured to receive the measured data from the wearable cognitive relay device, and process the measured data to generate an alert signal on the wearable cognitive relay device, the alert signal being indicative of correctness of the yoga posture.


Various embodiments of the present invention not merely prevent injuries due to over stretching, but it ensures correct postural movement while performing a yoga posture. The wearable sensor nodes facilitate the user to support their neck, neck, wrist, spine and knee to maintain its natural curves, to increase the ability of a user to perform deep, rib-cage breathing, to correlate with real-life functional joint movement, and to ensure a favorable outcome from each posture. The wireless enabled monitoring of postural activity and muscle straining level while performing a Yoga posture helps to comprehend the constructive results that eventually can ensure an added value to mind and body of an Individual. The proposed system is to be made as customizable to suit for different users.

Country : INDIA

Patent Reference Number : 201741003893

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