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About Patentshop

Patentshop is a place where you can buy or sell your registered patent. In most of the cases, the inventors find it difficulty to approach the companies or creating a revenue base on this filed application. Similarly, a company does not aware of a related invention filed, without spending too much on research and development, they may consider to have a license transfer agreement. Patentshop, would like to contribute on this, and an opportunity for both buyer and seller.


Popular Questions
Does an Indian Patent gives worldwide protection?

No. Patent protection is a territorial right and therefore it is effective only within the territory of India. There is no concept of global patent. However, filing an application in India enables the applicant to file a corresponding application for same invention in convention countries or under PCT, within or before expiry of twelve months from the filing date in India. Patents should be obtained in each country where the applicant requires protection of his invention.

What is PCT?

PCT stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty. It is an international treaty for claiming an individual domestic priority in member countries of PCT. Through PCT one can file applications in countries of interest within 30 months of the priority date. Under the PCT system, a patent search report is provided and on demand a preliminary examination of application is also done. This additional information helps in delaying the investment by 30 months.

What is Paris convention?

Paris Convention is an international convention. India is also a member to this convention. Under this convention if one applies for registration of patent in any member country, within six months from the date of filing of patent application in India, they will have the same priority as in India.

What is term of Patent in India?

The term of every patent in India is 20 years from the date of filing.

How much time does it take for granting of a Patent?

It takes around in an average of 5 to 7 years to get a patent, at present. There are expedited procedures you can avail to get the grant (result) done in 12 months. For more information, please use 'Contact us'

I have filed only provisional or complete specification. Can I post my invention here?

The application number generated for your patent; considered as a strong step that you have taken to secure. No need to wait till then receiving grant certificate. Please post your invention details here or anywhere.

In my patent application, I have two or more inventors. What to do?

Yes, it is very obvious that a patent application to have more than one inventors; Please request all the inventors to create a separate login ID to enter patent information. It would not be considered as duplicated information; instead, it would give more visibility to the buyer. Moreover, please request all inventors including yourself to post the information in your public forums to receive such a more visibility.

What is the difference between an applicant and investor in a patent application?

Applicant is the one who contributed the invention by providing resources, money, and other lab equipment. Inventor who coined the idea. Applicant hold the rights of the patent.

What are all various revenue opportunities are there for a filed patent application?

Inventor may consider to 1. Establish their own startup for the commercialization of invention 2. Inventor may identify relevant companies in which their invention finds major role to play. some of the companies welcome the registration of new invention and collect through their web portal. 3. Inventor can convert their filed application into funded project proposals to be submitted to the investors and funding agencies.

As an inventor, how I could attract the companies to see my invention here?

Kindly ensure that you have added images and relevant links along with description. more information leads for more attraction. be cautious what you are posting here.

I have added all the respective information while registering my invention here in patent shop, Is there any other way to improve the attraction from buyers?

Yes, you may add your invention appeared link with patent shop in all public forums, linkedin, twitter, facebook, instagram and etc.,

Can patentshop help to convert my filed patent application into funded project proposal?

To some extend. you may use 'contact us' to submit the relevant information.

Tell us about creators of Patentshop

Patentshop is an inspiration from patent pooling and a braIn child of a small of group of patent agents representing major field of invention and patent attorney; some of the creators have found difficult during the time of searching for the companies to sell their inventions; hence, created patentshop as a platform to bridge between buyer and seller for the invention.

I have an invention and wanted to file patent application. How I could proceed further?

Please submit your invention information [an abstract] using 'contact us'. we would inform you the stages further at the earliest.

Can I find your success stories?

Patentshop is not a commercial and registered firm; however, we are into helping inventors to find revenue opportunity. Soon, the Patentshop will get your success stories as testimonials. Till then, believe on your invention.

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